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There are a million reasons to use XE3.

XpressEngine is a CMS to support the issuance of free web content. Laravel framework based XE3 is to provide rapid feedback in a variety of bundle system, it boasts a flexible scalability.

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XE3 Theme Alice.

XE3 theme Alice is, mobile, tablet, offers a layout that is suitable for both desktop screen. In addition, it will support a variety of color themes that can be used to match the characteristics of the home page.


For starter.
Basic settings of site
Please try to change the default settings for the home page.
You can set the site of the title in the Site Management > Configuration > Basic settings of site.
Changing the initial screen
Please try to set the site home.
Set the Home in the Site Management > Site map > Edit Site menu.
Make up the menu structure
Create a menu, please try to configure the site map.
Set the Menu in the Site Management > Site map > Edit Site menu.
To change the theme of the design
XE3 offers the design of another theme. Layout design can be changed in the Site Management > Configuration > Basic settings of site.
To manage the plug-in
Install the plug-in at the Marketplace, please try to enrich the site. Plug-ins can be set in the Site Management > Plug-in > List of plug-ins.
To set the management page authority
Please set the site management authority. Set of site management authority, you can change the Site Management > Configuration > Setting the Management page authority.

Get involved

XpressEngine3 is an open source project that many of the people we make together.
Please try to participate in the development a look at the current state of development in the GitHub Project.

GitHub Project


XpressEngine Communities

To exchange information of XpressEngine, discussion, you can participate in the space that can be discussed. It is possible to share various information with Slack official channels and multiple communities.

XE Forum Chat
It is Slack channels that can be a real-time exchange of information between the participants of the open source project of the XE.
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XE Facebook Group
You can create and distribute XE article, you can share the opinion to confirm the schedule of events.
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XE Town
Is the most popular community on XpressEngine users.
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